Transaction Advisory

In the current business scenario, mergers, reconstructions and acquisitions have become one of the important and essential tools for businesses to integrate and grow. However, it is vital to assess each deal holistically and in great detail. Merger and Acquisition (M&A) team at TCA is well qualified and equipped to analyse the M&A transaction from the view point of feasibility, potential profitability, statutory compliances and legality.

Our expertise in the field of taxation (both direct and indirect) along with regulatory laws allows us to formulate innovative tax strategies for umpteen types of M&A transactions.

This entails providing comprehensive support including opportunity evaluation, valuation, due diligence, deal negotiation, structuring, documentation through post-investment business planning and design & development of management information systems for effective decision making. Our comprehensive approach entailing a wholistic review helps the client in taking well-informed decisions.

Key Transaction Advisory services include:

  • Pre-investment and post-investment due diligence services
  • Planning, strategizing and documenting detailed business plans and/or feasibility studies for businesses including those at inception, growth phase, or under reconstruction
  • Financial viability and sustainability study of a business by analysing historical data of a business to extrapolate financial projections
  • Post-investment support viz. periodical financial reviews and assessments, strategic reviews, sectoral reports etc.
  • Understanding the genesis of a transaction including company‚Äôs long term objective and to advise on structuring of contracts/transactions keeping in view the business objective, cash flows as well as cost implications
  • Valuation services in relation to equity and businesses as per globally accepted methodology taking into consideration prescribed regulatory compliances under Income Tax Act, FEMA, etc.
  • Advising companies on development of effective Management Information Systems as well as to develop tools for performance measurement